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Exploring Male Pleasure: Essential Toys for Men

A lot of men are unaware of all the options that could lead to sexual pleasure. Aside from the penis, there are other erogenous zones on the male body that can lead to more intense orgasms, pleasure, and satisfaction. 

Just a few decades ago, it was unacceptable to mention the topic of sex and sex toys, however, modern society is much more open to the fact that sexual stimulation and pleasure play a significant role in our overall well-being. In the last two decades, the sex toy industry has experienced extensive expansion, creating various types of sex toys for all genders and sexual orientations, such as the strap on dildo, clit vibrator, realistic vibrator, and many more.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of these sex toys and how men can use various types of sex toys for exploring their sexual pleasure. We’ll also cover what are the most essential toys for men!

Understanding Male Pleasure

Men’s pleasure is far less complicated compared to women, as there are fewer erogenous zones to find, but what most people don’t realize is that the small number of erogenous zones in men can lead to far more superior experiences in sexual pleasure.

The penis is by far the most sensitive area when it comes to sexual pleasure, and stimulation is often focused only on this area. Some men enjoy gentle touches, while others enjoy rougher play, but what most men have in common is that they enjoy getting attention around the same area.

Most people don’t realize that other parts of the male body can lead to great sexual stimulation too. The anal glands, for example, can lead to incredible sexual satisfaction, even if the male is attracted to females only. The fact that anal play can arouse some men doesn’t mean that their sexual preference is any different, it’s just that this part of the body provides sexual stimulation, and can seriously increase the sexual pleasure one experiences!


The reason why most men are unaware of other erogenous zones aside from the penis is the fact that they’re afraid that their sexuality might become questioned. Although LGBTQ is widely accepted, there’s still a social stigma around it, and specific communities around the world still consider anything other than straight sexual orientation taboo, even in developed countries.

Men need to understand that sexual exploration is essential in reaching the ultimate sexual pleasure, and in some cases, it might be uncomfortable admitting you like something due to the taboo surrounding it. 

Types of Male Pleasure Toys

One of the biggest misconceptions is that there are only a few types of male pleasure toys, when in fact, there are more options to choose from than you know.

Some of the most common types of male pleasure toys include the Autoblow 2.0, different variations of cock rings, and the Lana Rhoades fleshlight. Vibrators, although most people think are exclusively for females, can be used by men for anal stimulation, or stimulating other erogenous zones. 

A little less common option when it comes to male sex toys is prostate massagers. These sex toys can seriously increase the levels of sexual pleasure by specifically targeting the prostate, which is known to be one of the most erogenous zones in a male’s body aside from the penis. Those who have used prostate massagers admitted to experiencing some of the most intense orgasms while using these sex toys, and it’s surely one of the things you should try if you’re willing to explore the possibilities.

Cock rings and enhancers are just getting the attention they deserve as they provide men with prolonged sexual performance. By restricting the blood flow to the shaft and reducing the sensitivity of the penis, men are able to withstand longer periods before reaching an orgasm. Enhancing the time spent with your partner will also have a positive effect on your self-esteem.

Anal toys are the least popular option with men, however, they can create some of the most amazing experiences. The thing about anal toys is that you either like them or not. Some men can experience sexual pleasure with anal stimulation, while others may feel discomfort, whether the toy is used for penetration or surface stimulation.

Lastly, there are modern technology-enabled stimulators such as the AutoBlow 2. These sex toys are still in the early phase but have proven to be an amazing asset in every sex toy collection out there. Modern materials and technology allow these sex toys to mimic the real thing so no matter if you enjoy the occasional oral stimulation, or vaginal or anal penetration, you’ll surely enjoy these sex toys.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Male Pleasure Toys

There are several factors you’ll need to consider when choosing your new pleasure toys, however, a few are most important.

The first factor is the materials each sex toy is made of. Lower-quality sex toys can be made from unsafe materials which can seriously affect your health. When choosing a new sex toy, make sure you choose one from a reputable brand or supplier with a proven track record of providing high-quality products. 

The next factor to consider when getting a new sex toy is its size and shape, as well as functionality. Whether you’re looking for a realistic vibrator or a Lana Rhoades Fleshlight, it’s crucial to consider its shape and size. This will directly affect what your experience will be.

Lastly, you’ll need to take into consideration how the sex toys you’re interested in are maintained and cleaned. Simple sex toys can be easily cleaned with warm water and gentle soap while other sex toys require special detergents that won’t damage the material, and need specific conditions for storing.

How to Use Male Pleasure Toys Safely and Effectively

To use pleasure toys safely and effectively, the first thing you need is consent. In case you’re using sex toys with your partner, make sure they’re comfortable with the toys, no matter if it’s a strap on dildo, clit vibrator, le want, or magic wand plus.


Aside from this, you’ll need to maintain all your sex toys properly and clean them thoroughly before and after use. This is the only way you can ensure you won’t affect your health by using the toys. 

When you get your sex toys, make sure you’ve read the instruction manuals in detail as they might contain important information about maintenance, hygiene, and proper use.

Benefits of Incorporating Male Pleasure Toys

There are a number of benefits of incorporating male pleasure toys, with one of the biggest ones being enhanced sexual performance, and pleasure. Complex sex toys such as the Autoblow 2, Lana Rhoades Fleshlight, and simple accessories such as a silicone cock ring can reduce the sensitivity in the penis, making sex last longer.


Another great benefit of incorporating sex toys into your sex life is that you’ll enhance the relationship you have with your partner. Open communication is the base of sexual exploration, and as soon as you engage in communication that might have seemed uncomfortable at first, you’ll realize just how much you can be open with your partner.

Summary and Conclusion

Exploring your sexuality with a variety of sex toys can help you achieve more intense orgasms, improve your sexual performance, and improve your relationship with your partner. 

There’s a wide variety of male pleasure toys to experiment with, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of, no matter what kind of sex toy helps you achieve greater pleasure. The world has accepted things that have been considered taboo before, and with an open mind, you can enjoy some of the wildest moments!

Cirilla’s Oxballs

Make your sexual experience better with one of Cirilla’s Oxballs

There’s no such thing as enough pleasure when we are talking about sex. There is always something new we can try out while getting wild with our partners. Some people prefer roleplay, and others prefer including various sex toys in their daily sexual activities. If you are looking to experience new things, choosing one of the oxballs from the store at Cirilla’s is the way to go.

Our store offers more than fifteen different oxballs that will make things interesting in the bedroom and make your bulge bigger. We can’t tell you which one of our products is the most suitable for you or your partner, but what we can do is talk about the best-sellers that provide our previous customers with the most pleasure. Feel free to take a look at all the products we offer, but first, take a look at these five best-selling oxballs so far.

Big Ox Cock Ring

Whether you want to get a bigger erection, want a bigger bulge or love wearing cock rings for fun, this type of cock ring has got you covered. This particular ring is quite thick, designed to fit all guys and make their penises bigger. Big ox cock ring is made from the best type of silicone, meaning it has a lot of strength and can stretch enough to fit everyone. On top of being suitable for everyone, this cock ring is quite soft and smooth and will provide you with an outstanding experience.

The soft material will make wearing this cock ring comfortable and help you keep an erection for hours while you do everything you’ve always wanted. This cock ring is designed to sit behind your ballbag so it can push your penis up and make it look bigger. Big ox can also be considered a ball ring because it can be used to stretch your sack. This oversized yet unique cock ring can be yours for only $11.19.

360 Dual Cock Ring and Ball Sling

What’s better than getting two toys in one? By purchasing this toy, you’ll be getting both a cock ring and a ball sling that will make your meat bigger and help you keep going for hours. 360 dual cock ring is made from super soft material and has an excellent squishy design. The bottom part of this toy is made from thick rubber and rests under your sack in order to push your penis up and further away from your body.

This toy is perfect for creating a big bulge that will make your partner go crazy. If you are into stretching balls, this toy will make all your wishes come true. The padded base of the toy is also a ball sling that has one purpose, and that is to push down on your sack in order to get that sweet stretching sensation. 360 is made from a soft and lightweight material, providing you with a fantastic feeling, and it can be yours for only $19.

Air Airflow Cock Ring

This cock ring is perfect for everyone who loves wearing ball stretchers and cock rings. Whether you want to wear this cock ring under your clothes to create a big bulge or just want to use it while getting hot with your partner, it will do its job. There are some days when you want to have a big bulge, and that is why they made this lightweight cock ring. It is made from the best silicone, which guarantees both strength and stretchiness.

The air airflow cock ring has a minimalistic design, meaning it is super comfortable to wear and will bloat your hod with any unnecessary bulk. You will finally be able to show your big bulge while wearing your tight gear. This toy will make your penis look natural while being pushed out. It is available only in one color and can be yours for $18.

Butch Cocksheath

At least once, you wanted to see what your penis would look like if it were much bigger. If you still want to fulfil that fantasy, Butch Cocksheath is the way to go. This clear toy will instantly make your penis look much larger than usual and will impress anyone who sees it. It is made from SuperFlextpr, meaning it is really soft and squishy, but it is still firm enough to enhance the natural length and girth of your shaft.

The toy comes with a sling on the base to keep this toy firmly in place. You won’t need to worry about this toy slipping off of your penis while doing all kinds of things to your partner. Each one of these Butch Cocksheath toys can be customized to fit all sizes perfectly. Some people perfect tighter grip, and others not so much. You will be free to customize your toy just like you want and finally be able to see what it is to have a much larger penis.

We recommend pairing this toy with your favorite lube. You have to apply lube on the inside of the toy or directly on the penis, and you are ready to have sex. If you are looking for a really tight grip, we recommend getting rid of all air inside the toy by squeezing the toy tightly from the top down to the base. If you want to make your junk instantly bigger, you can grab this fantastic toy for only $54 right now!


This one is a new and improved version of a cock ring. You can wear it during oral sex, masturbation, sex or just under your clothes to make your junk look longer. This improved version of cock sling has more material in some areas where you want to get more stretch. The new material used for this toy is more robust, but it is still similar to silicone, meaning it will feel comfortable while using it.

The primary purpose of this toy is to cradle your testicles and grip the base of your penis to keep it rock hard for a more extended period. It will also push out your penis, making it look bigger than usual. This new and improved version of cock sling will allow you to urinate and ejaculate normally without that pinching feeling most cock rings usually give you. You can grab one of these toys for $18 and start creating some unforgettable memories.

Which toy will suit you the best?

Our store at Cirilla’s offers more than ten different cock rings that will surely make your sexual experience better. Whether you want to try out one of the models that are made both for your penis and testicles, or just the penis, you will have a fantastic experience. All toys are made from the best available material, which means wearing one of these items will feel comfortable.

If you are looking for an item that will suit your penis and testicles the most, you won’t have to look far. All our items are customizable, meaning they can fit everyone easily. We’ve listed five toys that are the most famous among our customers, but feel free to check out the rest of the collection and see for yourself if you find something else that seems the best for you.

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