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Tenga flip 0 masturbator

A detailed guide on Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) Masturbator

It’s a shame how people used to live without knowing what kind of toys we nowadays have and use for self-pleasure. Even though using our hands to get the job done is better than what most would describe as good, it would hurt to add something new and unique to our lives, especially when it comes to sexual pleasure. Now, having sex is the best thing two horny people could do, but what happens when you are left alone and don’t have someone to help you with your needs. Well, that’s when you start browsing various sex toys and choose the one that seems like it will be capable of satisfying you more than you’ve ever imagined!

Even though there are hundreds, if not thousands, of sex toys in existence, so choosing the best toy among all could be more complicated than you would expect. Well, Cirilla’s has toys ranging from dildos to something much more sophisticated, like Tenga Flip 0 Masturbator. Toys like this one are considered to be something advanced and could possibly be hard to use, but not to worry; we have prepared a guide that will help you reach orgasms unlike ever before!

The price is barely under $100

The first thing you should do is obviously purchase this toy because, without it, you won’t be able to experience something that will blow your mind. Seeing a price of $99.99 for a sex toy is unusual, but it’s still not way too much money considering what it offers. Handjobs used to be the only things guys could do to make themselves cum, but that’s about to change. You can forget about all those lonely nights when you have nothing else to do but beat your meat. Tenga Flip 0 Masturbator is here to change the game and help you experience something even better than the best blowjob you have ever received!

At first glance, this sex toy looks like something from outer space, but we promise that using this toy couldn’t be simpler. It comes only in white color and one size which is suitable for most cocks. The insertable part of this masturbator is 6.3″, and the width of it is 1.97″, making it big enough to satisfy every horny guy who is looking to have some fun! It’s made from top-tier materials, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the toy breaking or getting some injuries while pleasuring yourself. In other words, you will have nothing to worry about once you put your penis inside this excellent sex toy!

How does it work?

Don’t feel ashamed if you don’t figure out how this toy works because it’s not like other toys. Usually, it’s made apparent what goes where, but this fantastic toy requires something extra. Before even thinking about using it on yourself, lubrication needs to be applied because otherwise, the experience wouldn’t be as good. All this can be done quickly, thanks to the flip-open design. Opening the toy can be done with one simple click, and the rest is a piece of cake.

Tenga masturbator comes with a one-way air valve that creates a strong vacuum. This feeling cannot be compared to anything else because blowjobs and handjobs are nothing compared to the feeling you will get from one of these toys. The toy might have a flip-open design, but that’s not the way you will be using it for self-pleasure. Instead, you will locate the hole at one of the sites where your penis should be inserted. The insertion point comes with a perfect seal, preventing any leakage during the use of this toy!

Lubricant doesn’t come with the toy, so we recommend purchasing it at the same time because one doesn’t work the best without the other. Cirilla’s has a wide range of lubricants, so pick one that seems the best for you if you don’t already have one standing by!

Using Tenga Flip 0

To use this sophisticated masturbator, you will have to remove the slide arms from the toy before squeezing the sides of the toy until you hear the click. The sole purpose of this step is to apply lubrication, and once you are done, you can close it back and prepare yourself for an experience you won’t forget!

Applying lube to the insertion will allow smooth entry, and what comes after that will leave you speechless. Before beginning to please yourself, there’s one more thing you should do. You will have to squeeze the pressure pads to let the air escape through the designated one-way air valve. By doing this, you will create an intense suction sensation, which might feel even better than blowjobs given by the best professionals!

We don’t have to tell you what’s next step to make yourself reach an orgasm, right? The true challenge here will be to last as much as you’d like because you will be overwhelmed by emotions. Using this sophisticated masturbator truly is something else, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide because we all feel different things at different moments. The important thing is that the toy gets you through the day, even multiple times as needed.

Cleaning the toy

As much as it is essential to prepare the sex toy by applying lubrication, it is important to clean it afterward to prevent any inconveniences. Cleaning this toy is relatively simple, and the process is very similar to the one you do while applying the lubrication. You will have to open up the toy and clean the remaining lubricant to prepare the toy for the next use.

The cleaning process couldn’t be made easier because it can be placed directly under the water stream. The toy doesn’t have any electronic parks, meaning there’s no risk of damaging it while keeping it underwater. It takes a minute or so to clean the device entirely, but only as long as it is maintained regularly.

Keeping your toy clean and ready is beneficial for multiple reasons. First of all, you wouldn’t want to insert your penis in something that hasn’t been cleaned in a while because no sane person would take that risk. The cleaning process sounds like a punishment after the experience you’ve just had, but keep in mind that doing this straight away will prepare the toy for the next time you feel like using it, which might even be later that same day. Investing a few minutes after getting the job done will be much easier than doing this same process before using the masturbator to please yourself. Imagine what it would be like to feel hornier than ever, but you can’t use this sophisticated toy until you clean it!