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Cirilla's Comprehensive Guide on Using Magic Wand Plus Effectively in the Bedroom!

Cirilla’s Comprehensive Guide on Using Magic Wand Plus Effectively in the Bedroom!

Are you looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Are you tired of using your fingers only to reach an orgasm? If so, have you thought about getting the Magic Wand Plus? This amazing sex toy will help you cum like there’s no tomorrow, and on top of that, it’s super affordable and easy to use. But not all people are acquainted with how sex toys work. That’s why I wrote a comprehensive guide on using the Magic Plus Effectively and reaching numerous orgasms with it hassle-free! So keep reading and become a bonafide expert with this sex toy.

What Is Magic Wand Plus?

What Is Magic Wand Plus

Magic Wand Plus is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, sex toys on the market. It’s been around for 50 years, and everyone loves it because of its efficiency, affordability, and overall ingenuity of this sex toy. It costs around $70, and it’s got everything and more than you need to reach intense orgasms with it.

Magic Wand Plus–The Key Features

Magic Wand Plus–The Key Features

Magic Wand Plus is one of the most feature-packed sex toys ever created. When you purchase yours, you will notice the following:

  • Beautiful design– Magic Wand Plus’s design has always made it different from all the other sex toys on the market. The guys behind the device have kept the original white and blue pattern, which looks fantastic and doesn’t give off a ridiculous vibe like some other sex toys out there.
  • Nicely placed buttons– Don’t you hate it when buttons on a sex toy are placed inconveniently? If so, you’re going to love the Magic Wand Plus. This sex toy only has three buttons placed on its side, the power on and off switch and the volume up and down buttons. They also don’t stick out too much and look sleek on the handle of the sex toy itself.
  • Powerful in-built electric motor– The electric motor of the Magic Wand Plus is where the heart of this sex toy is. It will provide you with multiple vibration speeds of up to 6,300 RPM. This will allow you to ease yourself into the masturbation and let you do all kinds of stuff with the wand.
  • First-class materials– The materials used to make the Magic Wand Plus are, safe to say, nothing but first-class. The handle of the sex toy is made from plastic that feels amazing in your hands and doesn’t slip, whereas the round-shaped head of the toy is from silicone, which is super comfortable, nice to touch, and most importantly, easy to clean.
  • Plug and play system– There are certain times when a sex toy runs out on you in the middle of the session, and you have to start from the bottom up. This will never happen to you with the Magic Wand Plus because this fantastic little gadget works on a plug and play system. Plug it into electricity, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Detachable cord– Although a minor feature, the detachable cord on this sex toy is super convenient and helpful. It will allow you to pack the gadget easily wherever you want, meaning that traveling with the Magic Wand Plus will be a pleasurable experience in every way possible.

How To Use Magic Wand Plus–The Correct Way

How To Use Magic Wand Plus–The Correct Way

The selling point of the Magic Wand Plus is that anyone can use it and get a grip on it in no time, whether they’re a seasoned expert or a complete beginner when it comes to sex toys. Here are the things you need to pay attention to when masturbating with it:

  • Learn the controls– Before you start masturbating or doing anything with the Magic Wand Plus, you should get a basic grasp of the controls. Turn the sex toy on, play with the three little buttons, and you’ll get the hang of it within minutes.
  • Warm-up– Warming up is crucial if you want to have a pleasurable masturbating session. You don’t want to dive head in, especially with a device that’s strong as the Magic Wand Plus. Press the sex toy onto your inner thighs, labia, start massaging your clit, and you’ll be wet in no time.
  • Lube up– If you want to have a pleasurable and 110% comfortable masturbating experience with the Magic Wand Plus, you should use as much lube as you can. Get it in bulk and lube the sex toy up and your private parts. Making things slippery and wet is the key to perfect sessions.
  • Put the wand in the correct position– Once you’re done lubing up, you should try placing the Magic Wand Plus in different positions and pressing it against your private parts in various poses. Some women like to masturbate with this sex toy standing up; some like to attach it to a pillow and then hump it, while some like to sit down with their legs spread. There are infinite combinations, and all you have to do is an experiment.
  • Find a suitable vibration speed– As I’ve said, this bad boy’s built-in motor allows you to enjoy vibration speeds of up to 6,700 RPM. This means that you need to find a middle ground where you feel the most comfort. Some people like to start at high speeds and then tone it down, while others like to do the opposite. How you do this is completely up to you, but I recommend starting from the slowest vibration speed if you’re a beginner.
  • Put some porn in the background– For more immersion, you should play your favorite porn in the background. Watching porn while playing with the Magic Wand Plus will get you off in no time.
  • Ask your partner to come and play– Magic Wand Plus shouldn’t only be used when you’re alone. Even though it’s perfect for solo play, it’s even better if you have a partner you can share it with. Ask your significant other or a fuck buddy to try out the sex toy with you, as it allows you to have sex in all sorts of kinky positions and do all kinds of crazy stuff. Imagine getting nailed down in missionary while your man pressed down the wand against your clitoris. This will lead to some eye-rolling and toe-curling orgasms!

Taking Care of Your Magic Wand Plus

Magic Wand Plus is a sex toy that’s 200% safe to use. If you intend to keep it that way, you should make sure to take proper care of it. I mean that you should clean it immediately after each use because you don’t want to let any germs and bacteria gather on your sex toy.

The creators of the sex toy recommend using mild silicone-safe cleansers to take care of the Magic Wand Plus. Spray the cleanser on a random piece of cloth you have lying around and wipe down the head of the device. If you don’t have a cleanser, you can also use lukewarm water or rubbing alcohol. But before you clean it, make sure you unplug the sex toy from the electricity if you don’t want to cause any incidents.

Yet Another Way You Can Put Your Magic Wand Plus to Work

Masturbating with a Magic Wand Plus isn’t mandatory because you can also use it to relieve yourself from sore muscles. If your calves are sore after a long run, whip out the Magic Wand Plus, put a bit of cooling gel onto your muscles, and massage it with the device. Move it around the sore spot, and you should feel relief in no time!

What Does Masturbating With Magic Wand Plus Feel Like?

Masturbating with a Magic Wand Plus is one of the most sensual experiences you’ll ever get the chance to afford. Unlike other vibrators on the market, which are buzzy, this bad boy is 100% rumbly. This means that the wand’s body won’t shake like there’s no tomorrow when you’re using it, and your hand won’t get that annoying feeling after masturbating for a while. Once you place the Magic Wand Plus on your clit, you’ll feel intense vibrations that will stimulate your vulva and your clitoris. The broad sensation will reach into every layer of your clit, and you’ll be on your way to orgasm in minutes. The round-shaped head also feels extremely lovely on your skin, which is super-important for every sex toy out there.

Where Can You Get a Magic Wand Plus?

If you’re looking to get a Magic Wand Plus, the easiest way for you to do so is to order it online via Cirilla’s store. This way, you won’t have to leave your doorstep, and there will not be any awkward shopping in person. You should also check our vast collection of lubes and other kinky little things that you can use along with your Magic Wand Plus.

Closing Words

If you’re browsing the market for a powerful sex toy that will bring an edge to your bedroom and you don’t want to spend a fortune, then the Magic Wand Plus is the device you need. Overall, it’s got everything a gadget of its kind needs: it’s super-strong, it’s got a solid rumble to it, it’s 100% safe, it’s easy to use and maintain, and most importantly, it can make you reach some of the most intense orgasms of your life. What more can you ask from a sex toy?

Even though the Magic Wand Plus is full of features, there are still people who would need some added stuff to their devices. If you’re one of those people and prefer a sex toy with even more features, you can get a more pricey variant of the Magic Wand Plus, the Magic Wand Rechargeable. It’s a bit more expensive, but you’ll never have to think about batteries again, and the range of vibrations is a tad greater. To top it all off, both versions come with a one-year warranty, which means you’ll never have to worry about it breaking on you. So what are you waiting for?

Detailed Guide on Fleshlight

A Detailed Guide on Fleshlights

For a long time, the only option for guys to pleasure themselves was their right hand. Sometimes you could spicy things up by using your left hand, but in the end, it is the same principle. There are numerous toys for ladies to enjoy but, for guys, the invention of the fleshlight was the game-changer. These toys are made for male pleasure, and after you use them only once, you will never go back to jerking off with your hands.

The fleshlight is a male masturbator with a hard plastic case on the outside and soft silicone on the inside. The soft silicone is made to resemble the vagina as close as it can, and they really nailed it. With tight entry and lots of pleasure contours in it, your manhood will feel a gentle touch from heaven while you are using it. Already there are tens of thousands of users all over the world, and every single one of them is a satisfied customer. To better understand the concept behind the fleshlight we must first understand why is it important to masturbate in the first place.

Benefits of masturbation

Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbating is a simple pleasure that is beneficial for your mental and physical health. Everyday life can be stressful and to relieve the pressure you need to empty your balls regularly. One of the ways to do it is to have sex every day, but this can be hard to achieve. The second-best option is to jerk off, but playing with your hands can start to be boring after years of doing it. Just remember, you started masturbating when you hit puberty and after 10, 15, or more years you just don’t get the rush anymore from jerking off with your hands. For that exact reason, the fleshlight was invented. It is made to help guys enjoy the pleasures of masturbating but with providing you the ultimate realism of having sex. These toys are made to resemble the pussy most accurately way and they do so.

Besides keeping you sane between your ears, masturbation is also great for your physical health. One of the most important reasons why you need to cum often is to be sure to minimize the chances of getting ill between the legs. I don’t want to go too deep into this subject, but guys who cum more often have smaller chances of developing prostate or balls cancer. It is a proven fact that regular ejaculation greatly lowers the chances of something going the wrong way when it comes to your most sensitive body parts.

There is also the fact that having sex with a fleshlight also makes you a better lover. This is another main reason why guys all over the world use them regularly. To be able to understand how it helps you become a better lover, first, we must analyze the fleshlight design.

Fleshlight explained

Fleshlight Explained

Fleshlight toys or male masturbators are made to represent the vagina so you can enjoy having a realistic feel while using it. These toys are made from ultra-durable silicone called “SuperSkin” that feeling-wise is 100% like the inner skin of the real woman’s vagina. Not only is the material spot-on, but the design of the canals is also important. These toys have a narrow entrance that resembles the real vagina and once you are in, you will be surprised with the pleasure you are going to receive. Deep into the fleshlight, you can find unique “pleasure pockets” that will grip your lower head so gently yet firmly that sometimes you will cum, in seconds. The inside of the fleshlight is made from a combination of ribbed pleasure, orgasmic rings, nubs, waves, and different pockets that all work together to give you orgasms like you never had before.

Fleshlight toys are usually 9.75” long and 8.5” is insertable. When it comes to diameter the oughter shell is 2.5 inches to 4 inches wide whilst canal diameter varies from 0.34” to 1.0”. With those dimensions, it is made to be able to pleasure any size dick, both when it comes to length and girth. Some guys have curves on their manhood, and if that is the case with you, fear not. This toy can pleasure any shape of a dick, with soft inner silicone that is flexible so it allows your dick to enter comfortably.

When it comes to cleaning it is important to do it after every use. Some studies show that about a third of the users don’t clean their toys and that is no good. Having sex with a dirty sex toy can end with an infection on the one part of your body where you definitely don’t want it. To avoid getting any medical problems, make sure to clean your fleshlight after each use. Cleaning is not hard at all, and it only requires a couple of minutes.

To clean the fleshlight you must remove the sleeve from the outer shell and rinse it with warm water to remove all of the jizz in it. Generally speaking, warm water is enough but if you want to be sure that it is cleaned properly, you can buy some of the cleaners designed especially for these toys. Just don’t ever use cleaners you have lying around the house as they can damage your sleeve. After you clean the silicone sleeve, leave it to dry out. It is recommended to never insert the wet sleeve into its case as it can develop mold if you leave it for a long time unused. When the sleeve is dry, simply insert it back into its case and it is ready for the next use.

How to use a fleshlight

How to use Fleshlight

There are no strict guidelines on how to use your toy, but you must do one thing every time you use it. You must use some sort of lubricant to enjoy your fleshlight to the fullest. Using lubricant with a fleshlight is good for two distinct reasons. One, it will give you a better sensation just like having sex with a wet pussy. If you have ever had sex with a girl who is dry between her legs you know what it feels like. Instead of having a great time, you can experience pain and it can lead to sore skin on your penis. It is the same with a fleshlight, using it dry is not only not going to be comfortable, but it can also lead to problems that result in you not being able to masturbate for some time. The second reason is, to make sure your fleshlight will last you a long time, you must lubricate it properly. It can be damaged if you are doing it dry. The most common type of damage is tearing up the silicone sleeve, and in that case, you need to replace it. To avoid damaging your sex toy, or your penis, use lubricant every time you are masturbating. When it comes to the type of lubricant, you select the one that suits you the best, none of the lubricants that are designed for sex use can damage this toy.

How can fleshlight make you a better lover?

Fleshlight make love better

Now we come to the part where practicing with sex toys can result in you becoming a better lover. There is a simple explanation behind this. To be good at sex all you have to do is to do it a lot. When you are inexperienced it can be hard. Guys tend to have problems with premature ejaculation or they are ashamed because they don’t know the right techniques how to make a lady enjoy it. If you don’t have a trustworthy partner you can practice with, this toy is a lifesaver. You will never become better at sex while masturbating with your hands only, you need the proper feel of doing it with a woman, or pussy to be precise. Since flashlights are hyper-realistic pussies, with them you can enjoy having sex and at the same time, it is beneficial.

Using a fleshlight every day, or even a couple of times a day will slowly increase your sex stamina, and you will no longer have problems with cumming the second you put it in. Being able to hold it for longer is necessary, so you will be able to let the lady cum first like a true gentleman. Fleshlight helps you achieve exactly that. Apart from boosting your stamina it also helps you become more relaxed when it comes to sex. With fleshlight, you are free to explore different positions, and strokes in sex. Ladies love when the sex is not monotonous so you need to change your pace and the depth of your insertion. Using a fleshlight you can try out different speeds of strokes and you can also try what it feels like to insert only a tip or to go balls deep. All of this is necessary for you to become good at sex. After practicing with this toy, you will be a real sex god when it comes to pussy.

Fleshlights can help any man become a better lover, it does not matter how much experience you have when it comes to sex. Even if you have never slid your dick into the real deal, this toy will help you get a clue how it feels like.

Other benefits of a fleshlight

Benefits of Fleshlight

Besides making you a better lover, these toys can help you avoid making mistakes in your life. Mistakes like getting back with your crazy ex, only because the sex was good, and you are addicted to her pussy. When guys are horny, we tend to stop thinking with our upper head, and the only thing we want to do is to stick our cock into something wet. Instead of getting back with your said ex, you can enjoy doing it with a fleshlight. The main difference is, that his toy is not going to make your life miserable just like your ex would. After you are done using it, you can just clean it up and store it away, good luck with doing that with your ex.

One other mistake that we do when we are horny is that we would have sex with the first girl we meet. Sometimes having a good one-night stand is amazing, but in most cases, you regret it in the morning. Being because you wake up next to a girl that does not look the same as she did yesterday when you were parting, or she turns out to be a crazy chick that now you have problems getting away from. It was all good when you were penetrating her juicy pussy, but now, when your balls are drained, you may start to understand that it was a mistake. And not to mention that in these cases when we are horny, we usually forget to use a condom and you can earn one of the many types of STDs.  You don’t have any of these problems when using a fleshlight to empty your balls before you go to sleep.

When it comes to fleshlights there are many different types of them. The best ones are usually molded directly from the vaginas of porn stars. There can’t be anything better than getting the chance to feel what is it like to fuck one of your favorite porn stars. On Cirilas.com you will find lots of male masturbators and here below you will find the top 5.

Top 5 fleshlights on Cirilas.com

1. Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia

Riley Raid Utopia Fleshlight

One of the most popular porn stars to this day has made you a toy that is directly molded from her vagina. You can enjoy having sex with a toy that has those beautiful Riley Reid’s pussy lips, together with the tight entrance. This toy has a revolutionary new coiled design with unique “pleasure pockets” that will make you feel like you are in heaven.

2. Fleshlight Girls Lana Rhoades Destiny

Lana Rhoades Destiny Fleshlight

No list would be complete without Lana Rhoades’s vagina. Molded directly from her pussy, you can enjoy fucking Lana Rhoades just like her co-stars do. It is designed to give you the ultimate pleasure with lots of orgasmic rings and pleasure pockets.

3. Fleshlight Girls Brandi Love Hearttrob

Brandi Love Heartrob Fleshlight

If you ever wanted to see what it feels like to stick your dick into awarded MILF performer of the year, now you can. With a fleshlight that is the exact copy of Brandi Love’s vagina, you can enjoy fucking one of the most wanted MILF porn stars of all time. With a real feel texture filled with ribs and nubs, it will make you cum like never before.

4. Fleshlight Girls Adriana Chechik Empress

Adriana Chechik Empress

Who once dreamed about sticking his junk into the orgasmic pussy of Adriana Chechik? Well, every guy out there is the right answer. Now you have the chance to feel what is it like to fuck one of the most rewarded porn stars. With a fleshlight that is made from the mold of Adriana Chechik’s pussy, you will be able to make your dreams come true. This fleshlight has multiple chambers with tight rings, pleasure nubs, and tingling waves, and you will experience what best orgasms feel like.

5. Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blue Ice

Blue Ice Fleshlight

This is the fleshlight that is not molded from a porn star’s vagina, and in fact, it is not a vagina at all. Turbo Thrust Blue Ice is made to give you the ultimate feel of a blowjob. Pretty much every guy there is loves getting his dick sucked, and some even love blowjobs more than sticking it into the pussy. This toy is made with a unique design to provide you with the feeling of an amazing blowjob. You can choose to just insert the tip for a gentle feel on your head, or you can enjoy getting a real deepthroat experience.

To further improve your experience with a fleshlight, especially if you are using one that is made to represent a pussy of your favorite porn star it is recommended to masturbate while watching a porn video with her. You can either sit back and relax while watching it on a big screen TV or for the ultimate experience you can use a VR headset. Just imagine the feeling of watching your favorite porn star in a VR POV video while you are using her exact pussy to make yourself cum. This is the closest we are ever going to get to having sex with our favorite porn stars, and for lots of guys, it is enough. The best thing is, you can enjoy fucking your porn star’s pussy every time you want it. This toy will never tell you it is enough.

These toys are compact so you can even use them when you are traveling, they easily fit into any suitcase so it can be by your hands at all times.